Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip Irrigation Systems is widely used as it saves water and fertilizer by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, either onto the soil surface or directly onto the root zone resulting in a very high yield of crops. Drip irrigation, also known as Trickle irrigation or Micro-irrigation is carried out through a network of valves, pipes, tubing and emitter.



LLDPE LATERAL - 12mm & 16mm as per IS 12786 : 1989

LLDPE INLINE - 12mm & 16mm (30cm - 90cm Dripper spacing range) as per IS 13488 : 2000

DRIPPERS - Non Pressure Compensating (NPC) 4LPH & 8LPH) as per IS 13487 : 1992


Nurseries, Home Gardens, Vegetables, Flowers, Greenhouses, Horticultural Plantations, General Purpose


The benefits of using Drip Irrigation Systems are:

30 - 40% increase in the yield of crops

Upto 50 - 70% reduction in overall water consumption

Lesser time, water & electricity required for complete irrigation of your farm/crops during night or day, irrespective of load shedding

Saves you money on irrigation & fertilisation of your crops as it requires no manual labour for the same

Company has ISO 9001 internationally recognised standard for the quality management that ensures long lasting products

Enjoys customer confidence & trust gained from over 25 years leadership in the pipes & fittings industry

Has the same excellent quality that is synonymous with all products, is reasonably priced & has a wide sales & service network across India

Even after months of use in the field, the dripper lines or pipes are very flexible & can be easily rolled up for storage after harvesting

The dripper present within the dripper lines or pipes remains intact even after repeated removal & installation thus ensuring steady water supply to your crops

The quality of the pipes & fittings are consistent throughout & thus leads to an effective systems that delivers results


Pump or pressurized water source

Filtration system: Sand Filter, Hydro- Cyclone, Screen Filter, Disc Filters

Fertigation Systems (Venturi injector) and Fertilizer Tank

Backwash Controller (Backflow Preventer) for Sand Filter

Main line (Larger diameter) PVC Piping network to convey water from source to the field

Hand-Operated, electronic, or hydraulic control valves and safety Valves

LLDPE Lateral pipes 16mm & 12mm

LLDPE Inline - 12mm & 16mm with spacing from 30 cm - 100 cm

Drip fittings and Accessories (to make connections)

Emitting Devices at plants (ex Emitter or drippers, micro spray heads, inline drippers, trickle rings)

Note: In drip irrigation systems Pump and valves may be manually or automatically operated by a controller.