• Pipes and Fittings

    The best pipes and fitting solution is available with Ravi Industries. We have been providing relentless service to our customers since 1994 and delivering high quality pipes and fittings. The pipes and fittings are used in wide variety of fields ranging from agriculture, housings to industries.

  • CPVC Piping System

    CHLORINATED POLY VINYL CHLORIDE [CPVC] pipes and fittings,are the latest addition by Ravi Industries, Mumbai to its ever growing kitty of quality products, manufactured for its discerning customer. These pipes & fittings are intended for use in residential and commercial, hot and cold, potable water distribution systems.

  • HDPE Pipes

    HDPE Pipes for the most number of applications. They are used in the chemical industries, juice processing, vegetable oil, dairies industries. Other important uses of HDPE pipes are water supplying, all sorts of irrigation purpose, cable ducting, drainage systems and even for bore wells and sprinklers.

  • Rain Water System

    Rain water system are the country's first customized range of pipes and leak proof fittings designed to collect and direct the flow of rainwater to desired storage destinations like pits, trenches, bore well, shafts and wells or to augment the water level by ensuring infiltration of rain water in the soil.