Moulded Fittings

Ravi Industries is the producer of the largest range of injection Moulded PVC fittings in the country.It has benchmarked quality in Agricultural Fittings in the Indian market. Today, we are experts in offering fittings that are developed in conformation with relevant national and international standards and made from the highest quality resin. Ravi Industries has successfully established a bond of trust with the Farmers of India so much so that its PVC fittings are used extensively for Agricultural purposes. Light in weight, easy to handle and convenient in transportation they are User friendly and hence installing a piping system is very easy.


End Cap Plain / Threaded

Available in sizes from 20mm to 250mm, End Caps are used to successfully close the end of a pipeline.

Female Threaded Adapter (FTA)

Connecting a PVC pipeline directly to a metal pipe is the function of FTA. Available in sizes from 20mm to 250mm. Reducing female threaded adapter (RFTA) is also available. It connects a PVC pipeline directly to a metal pipe of a lower diameter and vice-versa.

Male Threaded Adaptor (MTA)

All types of Valves, G.I. Pipe lines, Metal lines and Pumps can be connected through a male portion of PVC Threaded adaptor. Available in sizes from 20mm to 250mm. Reducing MTA is also available.


Reducers are used to convert the service line into a smaller line. They can be single, double or multi stage depending upon the size of the service line and size of the small line.

Service Saddle

Outlets of 20mm (1/2"), 25mm (3/4"), 32mm (1") either Plain or Threaded offered with Nuts, Bolts and Gasket, are used for tapping the large service main line into small feeder line for household purposes. They are available in sizes from 20mm to 250mm.

Tail Piece

Air-release valves/Non-return Valves, Pumps etc. can be easily connected through quality Tail Piece fittings. Available in sizes from 20mm to 250mm.

Female Threaded Tee (FTT)

The FTT functions like the Tee only difference being, one or more ends of this Tee are threaded. Available in sizes from 20mm to 250mm. We also have Reducing Female Threaded Tee (RFTT) in our range.


Available in sizes from 20mm to 250mm, couplers are used for joining two PVC pipes.

Elbow 90 degrees

Available in 20mm to 250mm size range, they are used to give a short turn of 90 degrees to a pipeline.

Equal Tee

By-passing and taking service line out of the main line is the main function of the Tee. Available sizes range from 20 mm to 250mm. Reducing tee is also available.


Feature Quality Promise
Leak Proof Avoids leakages due to close dimensional tolerance and precision in design
Strength & Durability Superior quality raw material and focus on quality makes the product last long
Light Weight Makes handling and installation easy
Rust Proof PVC has an inherent quality of corrosion resistance
Unbreakable High impact resistence makes it sturdy
Hygienic Odourless and chemically inert, it is hygienic for transporting potable water
Economical Trouble free performance helps save on maintenance costs
Flexibility Designed to fit any type of standard sized pipes
Easy Availability Wide spread and reliable dealer network